From small individual and business sites to larger organizational and corporate sites, we are glad to work with your needs. We specialize in custom-designed sites with clean, organized layouts. CMS-based sites (Content Management System sites) are also available using both existing and custom designed templates. Our goal is always to present a site that your target audience will find inviting, appealing, and easy to navigate. We incorporate principles of psychology and balance that many designers neglect for the sake of time. We set aside ample time to talk personally with each of our clients, address all of their needs, and to get to know their company or organization. A website is a piece of art with the ability to sell and promote services and ideas in very unique ways. A painter doesn't sign his work until every detail is in place; and your site will receive the same attention and care. You can see a few sample sites below. For basic pricing information, see the pricing page. When you're ready to proceed (or if you have any questions however small), click the contact link to reach me personally by phone or e-mail.

World Class Transit:
World Class Transit is a non-emergency medical transport company. Eric provided business consulting for the company when they were starting out, helped establish their brand and develop their website, designed marketing materials and assisted in the setup of marketing and advertising campaigns..

World Class Transit

Stirred2Serve is an initiative that was birthed at First UMC -Crystal Lake to inspire and spread a heart of community service in the region. Piazza Design helped the church come up with a name, logo, color scheme, t-shirts, promotional materials, and this trendy website.





The Kingdom Advancement Center:
Working with visionaries at The Kingdom Advancement Center, a non-profit dedicated to training and equipping Christian leaders, Piazza Design helped create a professional website, logo, and color scheme that reflected the educational values of the organization.

The Kingdom Advancement Center


Illinois Young Birders:
Illinois Young Birders is a bird club and initiative for kids, teens, and young adult birders. The ILYB website is branded with vibrant yet nature-themed tones and incorporates an extensive media and social networking interface where young birders can interact and connect.

Illinois Young Birders


KAMYLIN Worldwide LLC:
KAMYLIN is a leadership consulting firm that specializes in leadership training and team development. The ILYB website is branded with vibrant yet nature themed tones and incorporates an extensive media and social networking interface where young birders can interact and connect.





Shannon Swanson:
Singer Shannon Swanson desired an artistic site with a bit of flair and a wide audience appeal. The home page and content pages shine a spotlight on the artist through the use of well placed photos.

Shannon Swanson


Bird Conservation Network:
BCN required a site
that could handle a large volume of content and an eclectic mix of projects and news links. The website we created for them attempts to present a wealth of information in an organized, easy to navigate fashion while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look.





BCN Species Trends Site:
In addition to being contracted to do statistical analysis and database work for this project, we also created a distinct sub-site for the Bird Conservation Network
that showcases population trends of birds in the Chicago Region. Using an automated setup we designed, we reduced costs by 30% over compared to using a CMS system.




River Valley Photographic Resources Ltd.:
Chuck Peterson's company delivers unique nature photo products at affordable prices. The resulting website for RVPR Ltd. combines the best features from fine photography sites and stock photo sites in one place.



Imago Film Festival:
Imago is an independent film festival held at Judson University. We volunteered our services to create this simple yet semi-professional site that expands upon their existing designs and includes a few items to further brighten the theme.

Imago Film Festival


Pairadox Consulting:
Kurt and Peg Anderson needed an affordable one page site that conveyed a sense of professionalism but also maintained a personal feel. The site delivers maximum content in a small space without appearing cluttered.

Pairadox Consulting




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