Website Design Pricing

Pricing will vary depending on the complexity of the site/graphics.  Website design rates generally run from $20 an hour to $35 an hour.  The hours involved depends largely on the scale of the website. Individual websites start around $300 - $500 and work up. Small business and organizational websites start around $500 - $750. Professional business and organizational websites start around $1500 to $2000 and work up. Discounts may be available if your business or organization operates with a very limited budget but still wishes to have a web presence.

Site updates start at between $30 and $45 per update.  Monthly rates are also available and start at $40 a month.

What other Outside Costs are Involved with a Website?

Small businesses and organizations can purchase a basic hosting plan (storage space on the internet, e-mail addresses, etc.) for about $7 a month. The company we recommend offers unlimited storage space, unlimited e-mail addresses and a wide variety of other features. Rates for larger businesses and organizations start at between $10 and $50 a month. These costs are generally for large sites that are managed through a content management system (CMS), need to be accessed by multiple individuals, and require regular changes and updates.

A registered domain name (e.g. mysite.com) is about $10 a year, but some hosts will cover this cost for free.

Please contact us regarding your needs and for a more detailed price quote. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me personally at 630-808-1947.

-- Eric Secker



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